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The Critical Role of HR Communication in Times of Crisis

Agnieszka Yank, APCO Worldwide’s chief talent officer, outlines four key strategies to communicate with employees during the COVID-19 epidemic:
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"During this time of uncertainty and concern regarding the outbreak, employees are seeking guidance from their business leaders on how to navigate the threat within and outside of the workplace.

While individuals in executive leadership roles may be an employee’s go-to for insights, there lies another very important point of coordination: the Human Resources department—we call them the Talent Team."

Webinar: Opinion Research Release on COVID-19

Last week, APCO and Oxford Analytica's COVID-19 crisis response teams hosted a free webinar and shared in the release of new opinion research that looks at the business impact of the coronavirus, and the actions that organizations can take to safeguard employees, operations, and reputation.​ 

Missed the webinar? Don't worry, you can rewatch it here.

United States of Anxiety: APCO Survey of Public Attitudes 

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To recap: APCO found that 9 in 10 Americans view coronavirus as being serious, with a majority worried about contracting the virus.
  • Two-thirds of U.S. workers have seen precautionary actions taken in their workplace.
  • Most working Americans see COVID-19 as likely to disrupt their workplace in 2020, with 30% seeing a "big" disruption and 30% predicting "some" disruption.
  • National news media is the leading source of COVID-19 information, doubling the CDC and social media and eclipsing the White House or employers. 
For APCO's latest research on American attitudes and behaviors related to COVID-19, click here.

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"We're concerned that in some countries the level of political commitment and the actions that demonstrate that commitment don't match the level of the threat we all face. This is NOT a drill, NOT the time to give up, NOT a time for excuses. This is a time for pulling out all the stops.”

- Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General World Health Organization

“By bringing down rates to such a low level, the Fed is allowing lending to be extremely attractive, not just for consumers but small business owners. If consumers slow down you’re going to see some small business owners get into trouble...What the Fed can do is at the margin help with psychology and confidence in the market.”

          - Quincy Krosby, Chief Market Strategist, Prudential Financial