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Webinar Recap: The Impact of COVID-19 on Conducting Public Affairs in Japan

Masayo Nagai, managing director of APCO Worldwide’s Tokyo office, highlights the key takeaways of a recent APCO Worldwide webinar on conducting public affairs in the COVID-19 era:
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"More than a month has passed since the Japanese government started lifting the state of emergency. However, while teleworking and flextime were first introduced as emergency measures, these practices have now become firmly entrenched across many businesses. As the threat of the second wave of infections looms, Japanese and global organizations are shifting towards embracing the “new normal” of coexistence with the virus, including fundamental changes to how we work and do business.

Public affairs is no exception. The outbreak has forced us to reconsider how we operate in a world without physical contact. The increased use of digital tools is changing the way we communicate to stakeholders and society as a whole."

Advocacy and the EU Green Agenda in 2020

Danuta Slusarska, head of APCO Worldwide’s Energy & Sustainability Practice in Brussels and co-lead of the European Energy & Sustainability Practice, and Sumin Nam, senior consultant at APCO Worldwide’s Frankfurt office, discuss advocacy efforts for the European Green Deal during and after the pandemic: 
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"The coronavirus pandemic has put most of Europe on lockdown over the past few months—EU advocacy, however, is going strong. Having quickly learned the rules of the new “virtual” normal, the wide range of EU interest groups have not missed the chance to use these unprecedented circumstances to defend their interests, some even more actively and vocally than ever.

The kick-off of the German Presidency of the EU Council on 1 July is likely to open the window for engagement around the EU energy and sustainability policies even wider."


Coronavirus Beat: Looking Ahead

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Some Positive News

  • Lending a hand: British film director Sam Mendes established an emergency fund for theater practitioners who are struggling financially, The Guardian
  • Robot fighting pandemic: MIT and Ava Robotics designed an autonomous robot that can disinfect a large warehouse in half an hour, CNN
  • Donating blood: Despite cold weather, many Argentinians who recovered from COVID-19 returned to hospitals to donate plasma for sick patients, Reuters

More Tips from Around the Water Cooler

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  • For centuries, monks have embraced social isolation for increased mental strength and self-awareness — here's what we can learn from them, Business Insider
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“To emerge from this crisis we have to move ahead with the recovery while the pandemic is still with us. We need to be agile in our policy making, and we need to make sure everyone benefits from the recovery.

        - Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director of the IMF

“Witnessing how easily worldwide supply chains can be disrupted, there will be more on-demand production of materials such as PPEs, implants and even ventilators using 3D printing. [Manufacturers'] way of doing business will change. This will allow for the acceleration of precision medicine and even more partnerships with other previously unthinkable industries.”

        - Eric Eskioglu, Chief Medical Officer at Novant Health
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