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APCO is tracking attitudes and behaviors related to COVID-19 in a series of polls. The latest installment, from polling conducted October 6-7, 2020, included research from around the world on coronavirus recovery. For more on APCO’s research, follow us on Twitter and look for the full report on our blog in the coming days. 

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Webinar: The State of US Elections and the Nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court

As the U.S. elections near, APCO Worldwide hosted a robust virtual conversation with the New York Times’ Chief Washington Correspondent and bestselling author, Carl Hulse. Mr. Hulse is also the recent author of a best-selling book, Confirmation Bias: Inside Washington's War Over the Supreme Court, from Scalia's Death to Justice Kavanaugh. The moderated conversation focused on the state and impact of the U.S. elections, recent geopolitical events, and the most recent vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court. Watch the recording here.

Some Positive News

  • A boost for eco-tourism: The plunge in visitor numbers during the pandemic has enabled nature to recover in Thailand’s tourist hot spots and given new impetus to encourage more sustainable, eco-friendly forms of tourism in the future, Bloomberg
  • Rickshaw classrooms: Rickshaws have been used to deliver books and pre-recorded lessons screened on monitors to students in the Philippines who do not have internet access, enabling them to continue studying during the pandemic, Reuters
  • Start-up offering health support: A home and nursing care start-up in Singapore has been playing a critical role in providing much-needed healthcare support during the pandemic, The Straits Times

More Tips from Around the Water Cooler


“We need to work together to facilitate the changes needed for an inclusive and resilient recovery. A key step to generate a sustainable recovery will be for economies and people to allow change and embrace it. Countries will need to allow capital, labor, skills, and innovation to shift to a different, post-COVID business environment. This puts a premium on workers and businesses using their skills and innovations in new ways—and in a commercial environment that is likely to rely more on electronic connections and less on travel and handshakes.

         -  David Malpass, World Bank Group President
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