Stay Ahead: Insights from APCO

4 Changes in Advertising That Communicators Should Know

Kat Wawner, a brand strategy and marketing expert in APCO’s Washington, D.C. office, discusses how advertising trends are shifting this fall in the United States due to the pandemic and the U.S. election cycle. 
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"The ever-evolving healthcare, political and social landscape are changing the way people are living their lives across the world. It has also changed the way we advise our clients.

The reality of these seemingly endless changes extends even to some of our largest advertising accounts. Because we are straying away from large blanket strategies, and digging deeper into the psyche of our clients’ stakeholder audiences, it’s important that we understand the fundamental and nuanced shifts that impact the way customers do business and consume media."

Some Positive News

  • A vaccine against coronavirus, being developed together by scientists at the University of Oxford and pharma giant AstraZeneca, may be cleared by health regulators by the end of this year, NDTV
  • Brittany Woodrum raised $85,000 for COVID-19 relief by climbing all 58 of Colorado’s 14,000 feet peaks, CNN
  • Fear of contracting COVID-19 is actually falling, surveys in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and several Western countries suggest according to YouGov, Arab News


“As I was writing this letter, the COVID-19 pandemic unexpectedly erupted, exposing our false securities. Aside from the different ways that various countries responded to the crisis, their inability to work together became quite evident. For all our hyper-connectivity, we witnessed a fragmentation that made it more difficult to resolve problems that affect us all. Anyone who thinks that the only lesson to be learned was the need to improve what we were already doing, or to refine existing systems and regulations, is denying reality,”
         - Pope Francis