Get a copy of ESG in the GCC Region: Accelerating Integration

It has become increasingly evident that ESG strategies and programs can enhance cross-sectoral collaboration to tackle urgent social and environmental challenges within the GCC region. The public and private sector alike can maximise the benefits of deepening commitments to sustainability by engaging in ESG data collection, reporting and strategic planning to achieve regional net-zero goals.

Earlier this year, APCO Worldwide and GCC Board Directors Institute (GCC BDI) conducted a survey, complemented by a series of in-depth interviews with GCC executives to better understand where companies in the region are on their ESG journey, their priority issues and barriers to ESG implementation.

We found that companies are beginning to take action on ESG, but that a lack of transparency and standardised metrics remain major points of friction. This report explores our findings and provides actionable insights for organisations that are beginning to implement ESG priorities in the Gulf as the global economy continues its post-pandemic recovery and navigates rising inflation.

While the will to implement a strong ESG strategy is there, the path is far less straightforward. To streamline these strategic ESG efforts, leaders who participated in our in-depth interviews spoke of the critical need to strengthen standardised methods of reporting, as well as the necessity of clear government regulations and policies.

To learn more about our findings, insights and recommendations download the 2022 report below.

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